Pro Tip: My Flip Key Broke

Pro Tip: You are NOT stuck with the key type and design provided by the vehicle manufacturer. If you drive a GM, Chevy or Ford vehicle with a “flip key”, your key blade WILL break sooner or later. This can happen on any flip key. It’s the way they are made. Some experts say that … Read more

My Gun Safe Won’t Open

I get a lot of calls regarding gun safes that won’t open. About 80 percent of the calls are for digital safes where the electronic lock has failed. The remaining 20 percent are mechanical failures. Some examples of a mechanical failure are where one of the locking bolts is disconnected and won’t retract, or the … Read more

Isuzu NPR truck, lost keys

These trucks are popular with delivery services and with landscape companies just to name a few. They are real money makers, but you can’t make money if you lose the keys. That was the case with a well known company that sells and delivers used auto parts. They couldn’t use their truck to make deliveries … Read more

Entrance Handle Set

If the hardware on your front door looks old and tired, I can upgrade it to something new! This handle and deadbolt set are in the “oil rubbed bronze” finish. I had to rework the door a little bit to get everything perfect and I think it turned out well.

Mack Semi Truck – Lost Keys

Lost keys for a semi truck means it is not on the road making you money. At LockPro Locksmith we can replace lost keys for Mack, Freightliner, Peterbuilt, Kenworth, International & Volvo. Even the Mack dealer couldn’t help this customer as they were unable to provide a key or key code from the VIN. Using … Read more

Automatic Electric Gates

At LockPro Locksmith we do a LOT more than just make keys. Here is a new job we are working on in cooperation with the fence contractor. Our task is to automate the gates with a motorized electric opener. The gate can be activated with a push button keypad or a wireless remote. Safety equipment … Read more