My car key is broken!

We hear this almost every day. The flip keys and remote head keys supplied by the car makers just don’t hold up under heavy use. The worst are Honda, followed by Chevrolet & Ford. They either physically break apart, or the buttons wear out. The one in the picture is a Kia Optima and the … Read more

If it needs a key, we can do it!

I love this career. Every once in a while I get to work on something really cool. This is a (highly modified) 1935 Studebaker Commander President. The owner told me that only the body is original. Everything else is high performance. When he bought it, it didn’t come with a door key, so that is … Read more

Pro Tip: Is The Lock On My Gun Safe Any Good?

If the keypad on your gun safe looks like the one in the picture, please call me or any other certified locksmith or safe technician to discuss options. The main characteristic is the 3 lights in a vertical row on the left side. There are 2 kinds of keypads that look like this. The keypad … Read more

Help, My Car Key is Broken

News Flash: You dont have to use the car key provided by the auto maker. You have OPTIONS. The new automotive “integrated keys” or Remote Head Keys are convenient and they look good. The problem is, they break, frequently. In my experience Honda is the worst but all of them wear out or break. The … Read more

Real Dangers of Car Bling

This stuff can KILL your key, and it could kill YOU. When these bling rings are installed around the ignition lock they interfere with the chip inside the key and how it talks to the car. The result is your car wont start until the bling ring is removed. (there is a warning on some … Read more

GM Center Console Keys

Do you have a 1999+ or newer GM pickup truck with a locking center console.? If you need a key, even if yours is lost, we can help at LockPro Locksmith. No need to go to the dealer. GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Suburban, and Chevrolet Tahoe pickup truck center consoles use a special non-automotive lock made … Read more

Learn about your car remote

Car keys can be complicated. Every single day I meet people who purchased a car used from a used car dealer, and they have no idea about the hidden features of their car key. This is especially true for the “Push to Start” cars where the key just needs to be in your pocket. In … Read more