Brain Surgery (almost)

In this picture I am working on the computer from a 2000 Lexus (Toyota). For some reason Toyota did not provide a convenient way to replace lost keys for late 90’s and early 2000’s Toyota/Lexus vehicles. The dealers answer to an “all keys lost” situation is to replace the entire computer for about $1500. In … Read more

Honda Keys

Just a reminder, we FIX broken Honda keys. There are 2 groups of Honda car owners. Those that have experienced a broken key, and those that are going to have a broken key. Usually what happens is the plastic case breaks and then the owner duct tapes it back together, or worse, uses glue. Glue … Read more

Kwikset SmartKey Warning

Consider this a public service announcement. The Kwikset smartkey lock has some good features. Homeowners can rekey the lock themselves (if you carefully follow the instructions), and the lock is pick resistant and bump resistant. It has a higher level of security than its older brother, the pin tumbler lock. However, these features come with … Read more

We open and service gun safes

We recently opened a Remington gun safe (made by Liberty Safe) like this one after the owner accidentally discarded the paper the combination was written on. The safe was professionally opened and then fitted with some new parts to return it to “better than new” condition. If you have lost the combination to your safe, … Read more

Lost Keys, Isuzu NPR Commercial Truck

A local granite shed lost all the keys to this Isuzu NPR delivery truck. I was able to recreate the lost keys on site at the truck and get this truck back on the road and earning money for the business. #LocksmithMagic.


This is an oldie. A 2001 Buick with the old GM “VATS” security chip. This type of key is the only “chip” key where you can actually see the chip. And it is the only chip system that can be bypassed. If you lose all your VATS keys, I can help. Your dealer can’t or … Read more

FireKing Fireproof File – Locked Out

A customer in Royson was locked out of their Fireking fireproof security file cabinet. They needed it opened ASAP since it contained records they needed to run the daily business operations. FireKing fireproof security files that use the Medeco high security key lock are prone to failure. When you least expect it, you will be … Read more

My Honda Key is Broken

Pro Tip: If you drive a Honda, sooner or later your remote headed key WILL break, guaranteed. We see a lot of them that look like the picture on the left. Whatever you do, don’t lose the internal parts, and don’t use super glue. If the internal parts are good, we can move them to … Read more

Coleman ATV Lost Keys

The owners of this Coleman ATV misplaced the keys. They tried other locksmiths, ATV dealers, and even Coleman customer service. No one could help them. And then they called LockPro Locksmith in Elberton Ga. We were able to hand fit a key to the steering column switch lock when nobody else could.