Worn Honda keys will permanently damage your ignition!

Does your key look like either of these? If so, then you are in danger of permanently damaging your door lock and ignition, causing them to eventually fail entirely and need to be replaced. Replacing the ignition can on some cars be as much as a thousand dollars! Here’s what you need to know. Take … Read more

Help, My Car Key is Broken

News Flash: You dont have to use the car key provided by the auto maker. You have OPTIONS. The new automotive “integrated keys” or Remote Head Keys are convenient and they look good. The problem is, they break, frequently. In my experience Honda is the worst but all of them wear out or break. The … Read more

GM Center Console Keys

Do you have a 1999+ or newer GM pickup truck with a locking center console.? If you need a key, even if yours is lost, we can help at LockPro Locksmith. No need to go to the dealer. GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Suburban, and Chevrolet Tahoe pickup truck center consoles use a special non-automotive lock made … Read more