Can a locksmith find my car keyless entry code?

YES. Well, I can’t speak for all locksmiths, but I can recover a lost or unknown keyless entry code on about 90% of the vehicles I have attempted. When you buy a used vehicle that has a keyless entry keypad, there is a high probability that the dealer doesn’t know the keypad code. This happens … Read more

Isuzu NPR truck, lost keys

These trucks are popular with delivery services and with landscape companies just to name a few. They are real money makers, but you can’t make money if you lose the keys. That was the case with a well known company that sells and delivers used auto parts. They couldn’t use their truck to make deliveries … Read more

Mack Semi Truck – Lost Keys

Lost keys for a semi truck means it is not on the road making you money. At LockPro Locksmith we can replace lost keys for Mack, Freightliner, Peterbuilt, Kenworth, International & Volvo. Even the Mack dealer couldn’t help this customer as they were unable to provide a key or key code from the VIN. Using … Read more

We Fix Broken Car Keys

News Flash: You are not stuck with the badly designed key that came with your car. There are more durable options. The problem with making the remote and the chip key as one piece is that if the remote breaks, or the chip stops working, you have to replace the entire key. But if the … Read more

Program your own GM Key

Question: Can I program my my own key to my Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac or any other General Motors car? Answer: YES, programming a GM key is relatively easy and does not require any expensive special equipment. This procedure works on GM cars that use a concealed chip in the key. It does not … Read more

Brain Surgery (almost)

In this picture I am working on the computer from a 2000 Lexus (Toyota). For some reason Toyota did not provide a convenient way to replace lost keys for late 90’s and early 2000’s Toyota/Lexus vehicles. The dealers answer to an “all keys lost” situation is to replace the entire computer for about $1500. In … Read more

Honda Keys

Just a reminder, we FIX broken Honda keys. There are 2 groups of Honda car owners. Those that have experienced a broken key, and those that are going to have a broken key. Usually what happens is the plastic case breaks and then the owner duct tapes it back together, or worse, uses glue. Glue … Read more

Lost Keys, Isuzu NPR Commercial Truck

A local granite shed lost all the keys to this Isuzu NPR delivery truck. I was able to recreate the lost keys on site at the truck and get this truck back on the road and earning money for the business. #LocksmithMagic.


This is an oldie. A 2001 Buick with the old GM “VATS” security chip. This type of key is the only “chip” key where you can actually see the chip. And it is the only chip system that can be bypassed. If you lose all your VATS keys, I can help. Your dealer can’t or … Read more