Pro Tip – Easy way to put keys on a key ring.

We’ve all been there, fighting with a stubborn key ring trying to attach a new key or key fob. The new electronic keys are the worst because the plastic is so thick. But there is an easy solution! Formerly known as a staple remover (who uses staples anymore?), this new double jawed, sharp toothed, key ring spreader thingy can still be found at your favorite office supply store. Get one today and save your fingernails and a lot of frustration 🙂

Use a staple remover to put keys and fobs on a key ring the easy way!

And on a serious note, if you have lost your car keys, give us a call. We will come to your car and replace them on the spot. We also perform commercial & residential locksmith services.

If you know anyone who is mechanically inclined and good with electronics and computers, and who is looking for a lifetime career, have them reach out to me. Of course they must be able to pass a rigorous background investigation.

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