Pro Tip: Is The Lock On My Gun Safe Any Good?

If the keypad on your gun safe looks like the one in the picture, please call me or any other certified locksmith or safe technician to discuss options. The main characteristic is the 3 lights in a vertical row on the left side. There are 2 kinds of keypads that look like this. The keypad … Read more

My Gun Safe Won’t Open

I get a lot of calls regarding gun safes that won’t open. About 80 percent of the calls are for digital safes where the electronic lock has failed. The remaining 20 percent are mechanical failures. Some examples of a mechanical failure are where one of the locking bolts is disconnected and won’t retract, or the … Read more

We open and service gun safes

We recently opened a Remington gun safe (made by Liberty Safe) like this one after the owner accidentally discarded the paper the combination was written on. The safe was professionally opened and then fitted with some new parts to return it to “better than new” condition. If you have lost the combination to your safe, … Read more