Can a locksmith find my car keyless entry code?

YES. Well, I can’t speak for all locksmiths, but I can recover a lost or unknown keyless entry code on about 90% of the vehicles I have attempted.

When you buy a used vehicle that has a keyless entry keypad, there is a high probability that the dealer doesn’t know the keypad code. This happens all the time when the car went through the auto auction process.

If you have tried all the “YouTube” and other internet solutions, and you are tired of tearing your vehicle apart looking for that elusive “sticker that has the code on it”, make an appointment with me. I can connect my automotive programmer to your car and recover the code. The fee is modest, and there is no charge if I dont get the code. Besides the missing keypad code, we can also proved spare remotes and chip keys.

Two types of Ford Keyless Entry

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