Pro Tip: Is The Lock On My Gun Safe Any Good?

If the keypad on your gun safe looks like the one in the picture, please call me or any other certified locksmith or safe technician to discuss options. The main characteristic is the 3 lights in a vertical row on the left side.

There are 2 kinds of keypads that look like this. The keypad in the picture is removed by taking out the hidden screw under the emblem at the top center of the dial ring. The second type can be removed without tools and is designed to be removed by the owner Why? Because it exposes a hidden key lock that can be used if the lock electronics fail.

This is an extremely inexpensive lock made in China and it has known vulnerabilities. This lock is usually found on safes that have a brand name you may recognize and a retail price of under $1,000. This type of inexpensive safe is usually found in big box and farm supply stores. A safe equipped with this lock can be opened without tools in under 30 minutes. (My fastest time was 5 minutes) One method only requires a coat hanger and a little knowledge, and it leaves no evidence that your safe has been opened. This method and other simple methods are well known to the bad guys.

So in summary, if your gun safe has this lock you now know that your contents are NOT secure. Contact a Certified locksmith or safe technician to discuss options. The locksmith trade association (Associated Locksmiths of America) maintains two websites you can use to find qualified locksmiths and safe technicians. and

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