FireKing Fireproof File – Locked Out

A customer in Royson was locked out of their Fireking fireproof security file cabinet. They needed it opened ASAP since it contained records they needed to run the daily business operations. FireKing fireproof security files that use the Medeco high security key lock are prone to failure. When you least expect it, you will be … Read more

My Honda Key is Broken

Pro Tip: If you drive a Honda, sooner or later your remote headed key WILL break, guaranteed. We see a lot of them that look like the picture on the left. Whatever you do, don’t lose the internal parts, and don’t use super glue. If the internal parts are good, we can move them to … Read more

Coleman ATV Lost Keys

The owners of this Coleman ATV misplaced the keys. They tried other locksmiths, ATV dealers, and even Coleman customer service. No one could help them. And then they called LockPro Locksmith in Elberton Ga. We were able to hand fit a key to the steering column switch lock when nobody else could.

House Fire Destroys Car Keys

For the second time this year I have been called to a home where the owners lost all their possessions due to a house fire. The couple was lucky. The smoke detectors were not working but their dog woke them up just in the nick of time. The electronic car keys and remotes were also consumed … Read more

1999 Buick Regal

I serviced a ’99 Buick Regal in Washington Georgia today. The ignition lock had a variety of problems, the worst being that it would not turn on with the key. In order to remove the lock for replacement it HAS to turn to the on position before it can be removed. The local mechanic was … Read more

2001 Ford Windstar

The keys were lost to this 2001 Ford Windstar and I was called to help. Using our magic tools I was able to quickly create a key to open the door and turn the ignition. Of course the car would not start because it needed a chip key. The next step was to transfer the … Read more