Help, My Car Key is Broken

News Flash: You dont have to use the car key provided by the auto maker. You have OPTIONS.

On the left, an original Ford Focus key. On the right, our replacement solution.

The new automotive “integrated keys” or Remote Head Keys are convenient and they look good. The problem is, they break, frequently. In my experience Honda is the worst but all of them wear out or break.

The good news is, you are not stuck with that kind of key. In most cases we can make a separate chip key and separate remote similar to that shown in the picture. (This is for a Ford Focus) . If the buttons on the remote wear out, you only need to repair or replace the remote, not the entire key. Furthermore, the immobilizer chips in a key without a remote are much more robust and resistant to damage that the chips in a remote head key. This is especially true for Ford and GM.

So, if you have a broken remote head key, or a broken flip key, ask us about options. We might be able to help.

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