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We can provide Automotive, Residential, Commercial, Safe, Access Control, Electronic Gate, Alarm, or Camera systems.

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  • Mobile Service – This means we bring the lock shop to you. Our mobile locksmith shops are able to cut new keys, replace locks, rekey locks and install and service most electronic card access systems.  This means more convenience and less wasted time for you. Most services can be completed in one quick visit.
  • Locked Out? – Have you lost your keys? Are you locked out of your Home, Office or Vehicle? We can let you in with no damage to your property and even replace your lost keys if necessary. Proof of ownership or occupancy required.
  • Keys made – Are you having trouble getting a key duplicated properly? We make duplicate keys for almost any kind of lock including automotive transponder and high security locks. In fact, we can do something that other places cannot do, we can make you an ORIGINAL key back to code. An original is much better than a tracing of your already worn out key. Often, making an original makes the key easier for you to use. No more wiggling and jiggling. We stock a large number of unusual keys that you won’t find at a hardware store. And our keys work the first time! Bring your key to the shop at 241-B Heard Street, Elberton, but call first to make sure I’m there.
  • Lost Keys Replaced – Have you misplaced the key to your car, truck, desk, filing cabinet, deadbolt, or… well, anything else with a lock? We can replace the key for you. Many keys can be made quickly if there is a code on the lock. If there is no code then we can hand fit a key to almost any lock out there. If you can bring it to the shop you can save the cost of a service call, but call first to make sure I’m there.
  • Automotive Keys & Remotes – Chip keys, Transponder keys, Push-to-Start keys and “Laser” keys (i.e. side-milled high-security keys) are no problem. We can replace lost keys or duplicate keys for almost any vehicle. We also have the equipment to program the electronic keys to work in your car. Need a new remote? We can provide new remotes or replacement shells for any automotive remote.
  • Locks Changed – Have you moved recently? Are you concerned about how many keys might be “out there” to your new home or office? Give us a call and we will rekey your existing lock to shut out all previous keys. When we are done your lock will only be opened by your new key. If you have several locks we can usually set them to work on a single key. If you are a business with several departments and offices, we can set up a master key system as well, so you don’t have to carry around a big keychain with a dozen keys. Give us a call and we’ll talk about it.
  • Restricted Keys and Locks– Concerned about unauthorized duplicate keys to your home or office? Are you worried your babysitter or employee made their own spare key without you knowing at the Hardware Store? We can provide you with a high-security lock system that requires your personal authorization for duplicate keys, with each key serialized so you can keep track of exactly who has which key. These key blanks are specifically only available through our shop, nowhere else. No need to worry about employees getting keys made at the hardware store. As an added benefit, these high-security locks are resistant to picking, drilling, and “bumping”.
  • Lock Repairs – Do you have a lock that just isn’t working properly? Is it hard to lock? Hard to unlock? Does the key stick or require you to “fiddle with it” to get the lock open? Give us a call, we can fix it.
  • Door Repairs – Is your door not closing or locking properly? Many times these are simple issues to fix. Over time buildings settle and doors become misaligned. When this happens the door may rub the frame or the latch may not engage. Call me for a free estimate.
  • Door Closers  – Are you sick of employees, customers, or your children leaving a door open all the time? We can install a hydraulic door closer to automatically close the door after each time it open. There are even models which will lock open at 90 degrees so you don’t have to prop it open yourself.
    Do you already have a door closer and it slams too hard, closes too slowly, or is leaking oil? We can service, adjust, repair, and/or replace existing door closers as well.
  • Automatic doors – Do you need a handicapped accessible entrance to your property? Do you want the convenience of a door that opens for you when you approach? We can install automatic door operators on nearly any type of door. However just to set your expectations, these generally start at a grand per door and go up from there.
  • Safes & Vaults – New & Used – Are you concerned about fire or burglary of your important papers or valuables? Maybe you need a safe. Did you know that most safes sold in retail stores are for fire protection only? Also, the ever popular “gun” safes sold in big box stores are built to a particular price point. The have big locking bolts, shiny paint, and electronic locks. But when you look deep into the actual construction, all theses things are just window dressing to make the average consumer think they are getting a good deal. Most are junk. Most safes sold in “big box” and department stores can be pried open very quickly with simple hand tools. When you need a safe or vault, call me for a free estimate on a REAL safe that will properly protect your valuables. Safes are like parachutes. When you really need it, you don’t want it to be a cheap one 🙂
  • Safe Combinations Changed – Unsure who knows your secret code? Let us change the combination for you. Even better, we might be able to install a new electronic safe lock that makes it easy for you to change your own combination.
  • Safe-cracking – Is your safe locked and the combination lost? As a professional safecracker, I have advanced training, skills, and equipment that allows me to open even the highest security safes and vaults.  I can usually open a safe that has malfunctioned using non-destructive diagnostic techniques, meaning it will still work when I’m done. If the combination is lost, I can sometimes use some “locksmith magic” to determine the combination. If that doesn’t work then I may have to “drill” the safe. Drilling, when done properly, does not affect the integrity of the safe. I use one very small hole (about 1/4″) to solve most problems. When it is repaired, that particular spot is invisible, and usually stronger in that spot than the original construction. Your safe will be repaired to better than new. On rare occasion the only way to unlock it is to do permanent damage to the locking mechanism. In this scenario I can optionally replace the hardware with the same or better quality lock, whether combination or keypad. Call me for an estimate. 
  • Electric Gates – Are you concerned about who might come up your private drive? Do you have rural property that needs the convenience of an electric gate? I am a certified installer of GTO/Linear electric gates especially designed for country property, homes & estates. They give you the same convenience of an electric garage door, but as a gate to your home. Wireless intercoms and driveway alert alarms can be included as part of the system. With over 50 gate installations in the area, I’m positive I can provide a solution for you.
  • Driveway Alarms – Have you been startled or surprised when someone shows up at your front door? Many country homes have long secluded driveways and it sure is nice to know when someone is headed up to see you. Our wireless driveway alarms have a 2 mile range and report to either a base station in your home, or to a hand held walkie talkie. If you have 2 or more hand helds you can use them to communicate around your farm as well as be alerted to the driveway alarm. We even have motion sensors that can detect wildlife (deer, etc) and signal you on your radio.
  • CCTV Cameras – Also known as Nanny Cams or Baby Cams, video cameras are so reasonably priced that you can afford to use them to watch over your family and property. They can be wired or wireless and you can see the images and hear the audio from any computer or right on your smart phone. All you need is a good internet connection, either DSL or cable. I personally like the Ring Doorbell cameras along with their indoor cameras, and exterior floodlight cameras.
  • Commercial Access Control Systems – Would you like to know who goes where and when anywhere in your facility? Do you need a flexible way to control who has access to sensitive areas at any given time of day? Do you need a permanent record of who accessed those sensitive areas? Do you want to be able to change a user’s code yourself from anywhere at any time? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we should talk about an electronic access control system. Many are self contained and run on battery power, so there is no need for expensive wiring. However just to set your expectations, these systems start at a grand per door for high quality commercial grade hardware. Anything cheaper than that will generally have low build quality, insecure security flaws, and/or residential grade standards which means it is not designed to handle more than a couple of uses per day.
  • Residential Keypad Locks – Are you tired of keeping track of spare keys you’ve given to service technicians, maids, visitors, etc.? Would you like to get rid of your keychain entirely? We can install a keypad lock on your door with multiple available codes, timed codes that automatically disable after 24 hours, and a simple interface so you can even change the codes yourself if you want. BEWARE: there are TONS of these types of lock available on the internet, and most of them are cheap, insecure garbage. Some of them can even lock you INSIDE your house when they fail! However, the keypad lock I install for you will be secure, it will last for many years, and it even has a physical key backup in case the battery dies or the mechanism develops any issue.
  • Advanced Electronic Locks – Does your child get home from school before you do? Would you like to know what time they arrive home? How about being able to see a picture of when they arrived, or when UPS delivered your package? You can do all this with a smart phone or any computer. I like the locks which can use the “z-wave” home automation protocol. Two examples are Schlage and Yale. You can get a text message any time certain codes are used to open the door, or you can pull up the camera and play back the video of when the door was opened. As a bonus, unlocking the door can also turn on the lights if you wish. Expecting a repair man and you are not home? You can unlock the door for them right from your phone, no more giving out spare keys. Do you have some property that is unattended? You can use this lock to allow access for visitors (renters, hunters, etc) and you can even raise and lower the heat or AC right from your phone. All you need is a good internet connection.
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