Brain Surgery (almost)

In this picture I am working on the computer from a 2000 Lexus (Toyota). For some reason Toyota did not provide a convenient way to replace lost keys for late 90’s and early 2000’s Toyota/Lexus vehicles. The dealers answer to an “all keys lost” situation is to replace the entire computer for about $1500. In contrast, the method to program chip keys on modern cars is to program new keys through the OBD port.

Reading the EEPROM from a car computer.

Well equipped and well trained locksmiths can do this job without replacing the car computer for less than 1/2 of the dealer price. In the picture you see a device clipped to one of the many IC Chips on the computer. We connect to this chip so we can read the data from it so we can create the proper chip to place inside a key to start the car. If the keys fell into the wrong hands, then we reset the chip so that it will accept only new keys and not the old (stolen?) keys. It is very delicate work, and one slip up can ruin the computer. That’s why I titled this post “brain surgery”. 🙂

Maybe you thought locksmiths only unlocked things and made duplicate keys. We do, but this business is SO much more than that. It is in fact, a very hi-tech job.

If you know anyone that is looking for a high tech career that offers a lot of freedom and challenges, have them reach out to me. Of course it should go without saying that their background must be impeccable.

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