Honda Keys

Just a reminder, we FIX broken Honda keys.

There are 2 groups of Honda car owners. Those that have experienced a broken key, and those that are going to have a broken key. Usually what happens is the plastic case breaks and then the owner duct tapes it back together, or worse, uses glue. Glue will seep into the remote control part of the key and make the buttons stick so they wont work, or it will glue it shut so you cant change the battery when it dies.

As soon as your plastic case cracks, call us for an appointment to repair it. We will make a new blade with a new plastic case that is MUCH stronger than the factory case. Most of the time, we can re-use the electronics (the buttons and the chip) in your key which keeps the cost down for you. (As long as you didn’t use glue to fix it!)

A repaired Honda key in a more durable case.

The more wear your key gets, the more it affects your ignition and sooner or later it will cause the ignition lock to fail leaving you stranded. Notice the picture with the tips of the two keys. The damaged tip prevents the key from going into the lock smoothly, and if forced, it will stop the lock from working, leaving you stranded. Replacing the ignition cylinder AND coding it to your VIN is an expensive job. A new key is a lot less.

Damaged Honda key (lower), NEW Honda key (upper). The tip damage prevented this key from going into the lock, leaving the driver stranded!

When I say “new” key, I don’t mean a tracing of your worn out key (like hardware stores make). I mean a newly manufactured key made just like the originally manufactured key from the car factory. We have special equipment that allows us to manufacture NEW keys to the exact standards of the lock manufacturer.

An engineering drawing of a Honda Key

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