Restricted Key Systems

This post is primarily for business owners.

Did you know there are key systems available where only you, the owner, can get duplicate keys made? It’s true. When an employee leaves and returns their key, you don’t have to change the locks on suspicion of possible duplicate keys.

LockPro Exclusive – Restricted Key Systems

Each key has a unique serial number which you record next to the name of the person you issued it to. If you look closely at the keys in the picture, you can see the engraving.


1. Why cant these keys be duplicated at a hardware store? The sale of the key blanks is restricted by the lock maker to only authorized dealers, and enforced by a contract. LockPro is the only authorized dealer for this particular series in this area. The lock maker restricts distribution and wont permit more than one dealer in a geographic area to have the same key blanks.

2. Why can’t I just stamp “Do Not Duplicate” on my existing keys? That won’t work for a few reasons. First, you may have seen the robotic key duplicators in big box stores. Those machines can’t read your key, and they will duplicate it regardless. Second, a smooth talking person can convince a store clerk that they are the actual owner of the key and are entitled to a duplicate. (It is actually considered “unethical” for a locksmith to sell keys with DND stamped on them, because it gives a false sense of security).

3. Do I have to replace all my locks to benefit from this key system? No, but, you must have existing commercial grade locks. If your locks are commercial grade, then the key cylinder can be replaced in the existing hardware. This keeps the initial cost down. However, if the door knobs and deadbolts on your business are residential grade, then they will need to be swapped. We have some very good modestly priced options for you that will work.

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