Push to Start keys – emergency start procedure

Pro Tip:
If your car has the “push to start” ignition, get familiar with 2 things about it before you get stranded.

1. How to remove the emergency metal key from the key fob housing and how to use it to unlock the car door (on some cars the key hole is hidden)

2. How to start the car if the key fob battery is dead.

This information is different for every make and model of car on the road, but guess what?
It is in the OWNERS MANUAL.

Find the information in the owners manual and then book mark that page so you can find it quickly in an emergency. (See pictures)

On some cars, you press the button with the logo side of the key (Nissan, Toyota for example). On other cars (GM, Chevy for example) you put your key into a “slot” hidden in the car. On Chryslers, you put it next to the shift lever on the center console. So as you can see, all cars are different. That is why it is important for you to know how to do it on YOUR car. If you don’t have an owners manual you can usually down load one from the manufacturers website.

A spare key is cheaper to make than a service call to come to your car and replace and program a lost key. At LockPro Locksmith we can make spare chip keys and push to start keys for any car. You DONT need to tow the car to the dealer. We can make replacement keys at your car.

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