11/22/2022 – This offer is closed. I have made a decision and I am working with a highly qualified candidate to transition the business. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest.

Free Locksmith Business* (some conditions apply)

I have been a locksmith since 1972. I am 71 years old, and I need to retire ASAP. I don’t want to abandon my community and leave them without a local, ethical, honest, and highly qualified locksmith.

The locksmith industry has been very good to me, and I want to give back in a way that might be as “life-changing” for someone else as it was for me.

I’m going to give away my locksmith business to someone deserving. Some conditions and terms apply.

  • You must be able to pass a background investigation. ALOA members are exempt because that was done when you joined.
  • You must be willing to relocate.
  • You must submit all the items in the list below to be considered (or an explanation of why you won’t or can’t submit what I am asking for)

If you already have your own tools and truck, then this is a great opportunity. The phone rings every day, and you can start running calls immediately.
If you don’t have your own truck and tools, then you can purchase mine. (see below)

A well-equipped and knowledgeable locksmith will start answering the phone and running calls on the first day. The best candidate will have general knowledge of residential and commercial work, plus automotive and recreational vehicle lock systems. Basic knowledge of safe opening and servicing would also be useful (mostly gun safes).

Automotive is critical to be successful in this area. It is a substantial portion of the calls received and generates good cash flow. If you don’t have automotive experience, I can teach you everything you need to know, and I will always be available for ongoing support. EEPROM work is not a needed skill in this area as there are very few Mercedes, BMW, or VW.

The best candidate will be extremely familiar and comfortable with computers. The business uses Squareup, Jobber, Evernote, Google Docs, Ring Central, and web applications such as Lockcodes, AutoSmart, Genericode, and spreadsheets. We use a mix of iMacs, iPads, and Windows devices.

The business is perfectly suited for a two-person operation, one in the shop and one on the road. The walk-in shop does more than enough to pay the rent and utilities, and the fixed location provides great “google juice.”

Since COVID, I have been running the business by myself and making appointments for shop work. Shop work is 80% automotive transponders keys & remotes.

Quite frankly, the area could support two more locations, one in each neighboring town. My sales volume could be increased by running after-hours calls and being open on Saturday, neither of which I am doing now. Sales volume can be further increased by adding electronic security systems and CCTV installation.

There is zero serious competition in the area, and currently, there are no scammers to contend with. One other person in town calls himself a “locksmith,” but all he does is unlock cars. I have tried to show him more, so he could take some workload off me, but he doesn’t seem interested.

The only other legit locksmith is in a neighboring town almost 1 hour away, and he stays busy in his own neighborhood. I service my town and two neighboring towns regularly.

*This is what you get for free:

  1. The company name and state and county business registration transferred to you.
  2. The phone number and the RingCentral phone system account will be transferred to you. The main number has been in use for ten years. (there is a monthly fee for the telephone system)
  3. The website. The domain name, WordPress website, and web hosting will be transferred to you. My picture and bio will be replaced with yours. (there is a low annual fee for the website domain and website hosting)
  4. You will take over the lease on the retail workshop location which has significant “google juice” and is well-known in the community. The rent and utilities are extremely low.
  5. The customer scheduling program (Jobber), which includes all customer history and critical service data, will be transferred to you. (there is a monthly fee for the software)
  6. The knowledge database and detailed customer technical records kept in Evernote will be transferred to you. (there is a low annual fee for the Evernote software)
  7. A personal one-on-one introduction and endorsement to all my VIP customers.

The business ASSETS are available for purchase at market rates and favorable terms if you don’t have your own equipment. The assets include the service truck, key machines and tools, inventory, store fixtures and office equipment. I will sell off everything else that is not wanted or purchased.

The well-equipped service vehicle is a 2014 Nissan NV 2500 high roof. It has a LKP 3D Extreme, HPC1200, and a duplicator on board all run by a 3,000 watt pure sine wave inverter. The 3D is run via Genericode using a mini workstation running Windows.

The shop has a LKP 3D Elite also run by Genericode using a mini workstation running Windows. There is also an HPC 1200, and 2 duplicators. There is about 20K of inventory, mostly in car keys. All other computers are Apple Mac’s, but the software I use easily transfers to Windows. Programmers include SmartBox, APP, and IM608 PRO.

You can expect gross sales to be between $100,00 and $150,000, depending upon how much you are willing to hustle. If your skills include electronics, such as CCTV, access control, or alarm systems, then you could increase those sales numbers substantially.

To be considered, please send me the following:

  1. An email introducing yourself and stating the reason why you are interested in this opportunity, and why you think you are the best candidate.
  2. Your current resume or a history of your locksmith experience and any certifications you have obtained.
  3. A summary of your locksmith skills
  4. A current picture of yourself and a picture of your driver’s license.
  5. A personal background check from GoodHire, or any other similar company of your choice. I suggest GoodHire only because I have used them before and I know it works. If you choose to use GoodHire, use the “Standard” option, which costs $59.95, and may take a few days to return results. Link > Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself at GoodHire. (ALOA members are EXEMPT from the background check since it has already been done)
  6. Submit a credit report which you can obtain for free via a government program. Read more about the program at this link>. Credit Reports and Scores Read down the page and use the link that points to “Request your free credit report”.
  7. Send items 1 through 4 right away to signal your intent.
    Follow up with items 5 & 6 as soon as possible.

Send your email to:
Put “Opportunity” in the subject line.
Be sure to include everything I have asked for. Incomplete applications will go to the bottom of the pile 🙂

This is an immediate opportunity and applications will be accepted until November 30. My goal is to complete the transfer by December 30 or very soon thereafter.

I can stay partially involved for as long as required to ensure your complete success.

To check out housing in the area, look for homes in Elberton, Royston, or Hartwell.
This general area is rural, with lots of farmland, wooded areas, and nearby lakes for fishing and boating. The main industry in Elberton is quarrying granite, and processing granite into countertops, headstones, and for architectural purposes. There are also auto parts manufacturers, a huge Purina pet food factory, chicken processing plants, Rocky Ridge truck upfitter (huge), and many other manufacturing companies, as well as retail and food services. It is a nice place to live, relax, and work, without the hustle and bustle of the big city. The nearby college town of Athens, Georgia has lots of fine dining, shopping, and cultural events.

This is a map of the counties in my service area.