Real Dangers of Car Bling

This stuff can KILL your key, and it could kill YOU. When these bling rings are installed around the ignition lock they interfere with the chip inside the key and how it talks to the car. The result is your car wont start until the bling ring is removed. (there is a warning on some … Read more

GM Center Console Keys

Do you have a 1999+ or newer GM pickup truck with a locking center console.? If you need a key, even if yours is lost, we can help at LockPro Locksmith. No need to go to the dealer. GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Suburban, and Chevrolet Tahoe pickup truck center consoles use a special non-automotive lock made … Read more

Learn about your car remote

Car keys can be complicated. Every single day I meet people who purchased a car used from a used car dealer, and they have no idea about the hidden features of their car key. This is especially true for the “Push to Start” cars where the key just needs to be in your pocket. In … Read more

We Repair or Replace Car Keys

The key on the left obviously has damaged buttons. There is no way to prevent this because it depends on how much you use your key. However, you should replace it before its gets this bad or worse. Why? Because once the buttons break thru like this, then moisture and debris can enter the key … Read more

Can a locksmith find my car keyless entry code?

YES. Well, I can’t speak for all locksmiths, but I can recover a lost or unknown keyless entry code on about 90% of the vehicles I have attempted. When you buy a used vehicle that has a keyless entry keypad, there is a high probability that the dealer doesn’t know the keypad code. This happens … Read more

Pro Tip: My Flip Key Broke

Pro Tip: You are NOT stuck with the key type and design provided by the vehicle manufacturer. If you drive a GM, Chevy or Ford vehicle with a “flip key”, your key blade WILL break sooner or later. This can happen on any flip key. It’s the way they are made. Some experts say that … Read more